The Sapphire offers a variety of services and workshops as part of our continuing commitment to wellness including yoga, acupuncture & cupping

Yoga Classes – $12/session

Classes meet Tuesdays at 7pm …join our email list to hear about special yoga events and monthly wellness workshops

(for pain management, stress/anxiety, migraines, women’s health, fertility, sinus issues, hormonal imbalances and much more)
Cupping—$60.00/30 Min
Gua Sha—$60.00/30 Min
Tui Na—$60.00/30 Min
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture—$200.00/120 Min
Facial Rejuvenation Follow-up—$150.00/90 Min
Facial Cupping—$65.00/30 Min
Facial Gua Sha—$65.00/30 Min

For more information on monthly workshops join our email list or follow us on Facebook.