The art of makeup is to either enhance your natural beauty and features or to create a beautiful masterpiece. The Sapphire’s Makeup Artists specialize in natural, evening, trendy, bridal and theatre.

Makeup Application, 30 Minutes – $30.00

Makeup Lesson, 60 Minutes – $45.00
(A step by step application and technique will chart exactly how to apply your new look)

Eyelash Application (strip lashes) – $15.00

Eyelash Application (individual lashes) – starting from $25.00

Eyelash Perming/Lash Lift – $35.00

Eyelash Tinting – $12.00
Gives fair colored eyelashes a darker tint for better visibility

Henna Brow Coloring – $50.00

lasts longer than traditional brow color because it adheres to the skin underneath the hair for up to 2 weeks