No more will men feel that “spa” is just for women. Our private men’s areas offer everything from manicures and pedicure to haircuts and colors so you can receive all the benefits of restoration and comfort in your own space.

Men’s Hair Services

Designer Men’s Haircut with Stress Relieving Scalp Massage –  starting from $18.00-$28.00

Men’s Gray Blending Color – starting from $25.00

Single Process Hair Color – from $40.00-$50.00

Partial Highlights – from $40.00-$50.00

Men’s Hair Relaxer – starting from $75.00

Men’s Nail Services

Onyx Men’s Manicure – $20.00

Onyx Men’s Pedicure – $35.00

Callous Remover Treatment – $7.00

Warm Paraffin Application – $10.00 (hands or feet)

Extended Foot Massage – $15.00

Men’s Skin Care & Waxing Services

Men’s Signature 30 Min. Facial – $55.00

A customized facial addressing skin conditions including dry, oily, again, uneven, sensitive or acne with an overall focus on skin health

Men’s Signature 60 Min. Facial – $72.00

A customized facial addressing skin conditions including dry, oily, again, uneven, sensitive or acne. It includes intensive work on 1 area of focus with emphasis on the face and neck areas

Men’s 60 Min. Grooming Facial – $84.00 (includes eyebrow, nostril & ear waxing)

Our Signature 30 Minute Facial plus the addition of waxing for the ultimate grooming experience

Back Treatment Facial – $62.00

The deep cleansing of our Sapphire Facial designed to address acne, breakouts and other skin conditions on the back & shoulder area

Eyebrow Waxing – from $13.00

Nostril Waxing – from $9.00

Ear Lobe Waxing  – from $7.00

Back Waxing – from $40.00

Chest Waxing – from $40.00

Under Arm Waxing – from $20.00

Men’s Spa Services

Sauna Session – $7.00 or complimentary with any service

Sapphire Massage for Relaxation – $47.00 (30 Min)/$68.00 (60 Min)/$98.00 (90 Min)

A full body Swedish massage using a light to moderate pressure to relax and rejuvenate. Perfect for 1st time massage clients

Hotstone Massage for Relaxing Heat Therapy – $72.00 (60 Min)

A combination of Swedish massage and heat therapy using warm lava stones to melt tension throughout the body

Deep Muscle Therapy for Pain Relief – $75.00 (60 Min)

A targeted location massage designed to relieve chronic tension in the deepest layers of muscle tissue

Sport Massage for Optimal Performance – $72.00 (60 Min)

Specialized massage & movement techniques, combined with herbal towels, warming and cooling balms, designed to improve joint flexibility and mobility, reduce fatigue, lengthen muscles and prevent injury

Abyhanga (4 hands massage) for Symmetry – $135.00 (60 Min)

A 4 hands massage performed simultaneously on each half of the body for maximum therapeutic benefits

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage – $47.00 (30 Min)

A moderate to deep pressure massage focusing on the upper body only, where most people carry their tension

Reflexology Restoration for the Feet – $35.00 (30 Min)/$50.00 (60 Min)

A concentrated massage focusing on the pressure points in the feet and ankles to relieve tension throughout the entire body

Acupressure Facial for Sinus Relief – $68.00 (60 Min)

A pressure point massage of the head and face, combined with a special oil blend to alleviate headache pressure and inflammation in the sinuses

Ear Candling – $50.00 (45 Min)

A gentle vacuuming therapy designed to remove toxins and buildup in the ears and relieve pressure