Spray Tan Services

Mineral Spray Tan – $25.00…or 4 session for $85.00

In order to get the best results we recommend you do the following before & after your appointment:

*Please exfoliate the night before and make sure you skin is free from lotions, perfumes and deodorants the day of your appointment
*Wear loose fitting dark colored clothes to your appointment
*You may bring an old swim suit or we will provide you with a disposable bikini and bra top
*Do not shower, get wet or sweat profusely for 8-10 hours after your spray tanning service. Once you shower you will see the color guard wash away – this is normal. 
*Do not apply any other products to your skin until after you have showered for the 1st time
*Keep skin moisturized to keep tan looking its best but avoid harsh body & face scrubs that will strip color